A business catalyst that transforms innovative ideas into big enterprises through business advisory services and training

“All humans are born entrepreneurs”.

Prof Muhammad Yunus

(Nobel Peace Prize recipient and founder of the Grameen Bank)

Our Approach

Phase 1

We begin by conducting an assessment of your business ideas while getting to know you. Next, we review your value proposition to determine its suitability for possible translation to economic benefits. The innovation you have in mind might require a critical, value-free analysis. This is to ensure you don’t shed tears in the future.

Phase 2

Subsequently, we work with you to develop a viable and extensive figures-led business plan. This goes beyond just filling in data in a template. This process will include actual detailed market analysis, pricing strategy, marketing and social media strategy, as well as the development of an effective business model. It might be for a period of three months, but trust me, it’s worth it!

Phase 3

Lastly, armed with a solid financial plan and business model that you have developed with us, we will go a step further. For some businesses, we would present them to our partner banks and finance houses to access start-up capital. We will equally assist you in the development of the pitch and support you to a considerable extent to ensure your business thrives.

Our Workshops


         The ‘Just Do It’ Workshop just concluded! Watch this space for information about our 2017 workshops. 



Why Choose Us?

Client Focused

The Oxygen brand reflects expertise, innovation and customer focused services.

Hands On

Ability to be hands on and effective in providing practical solutions to business problems.

Track Record

We have a track record of creating effective business processes.

Quality Faculty

Quality and result oriented consultants and facilitators.

Swift Turnover

Swift transition from diagnosis to implementation and results.

Start something today. Overcome inertia. Make your dream a reality....finally!